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Achieving the perfect smile is an important element to modern dentistry. At Comprehensive Dental Group (CDG), we provide a selection of traditional, clear and tooth-colored orthodontic treatments to help satisfy desired aesthetic and functional results. Offering advanced traditional and cosmetic orthodontic care in Larchmont, NY for children, teens and adults, our patients receive comprehensive care to optimize their bite, dentition and overall oral health.

Choosing Orthodontic Treatment in LarchmontBraces in Larchmont

Depending on bite problems, extraction needs, and oral health factors, patients receive a detailed evaluation and explanation of their situation and the orthodontic services that can help. Whether you are looking for cosmetic orthodontia or require a complex plan to restructure your bite, we will discuss applicable treatments to best meet your needs. Dr. Jeffrey Simon offers an array orthodontic treatments in Larchmont including:

Metal Braces - Traditional metal brackets and wires are standard fixed orthodontia that offer predictable results. Most moderate to severe cases such as cross-bite, overbite, open bite, and complex overcrowding issues are resolved with this tried and true method. The metal braces are bonded in place and routine visits are used to adjust wire tension to complete desired tooth movement. 

ClearCorrect - This clear brace option is a popular cosmetic option for adults who are concerned about the aesthetics of their smile during treatment. CDG offers the clear aligner system to teens and adults who are willing to diligently adhere to treatment requirements as appliances must be worn for at least 22 hours a day for best results. The removable brace option works well with patients with slight to moderate alignment problems or have experienced alignment relapse after previous brace treatment. 

Expanders - Most often used with cross-bite problems, expanders are traditionally fixed to the upper palate, glued to teeth to help widen the upper jaw. There are options for removable expanders depending on each patient’s unique situation.

Retainers - Available as either fixed or removable appliances, retainers are often used to maintain new bite alignment after orthodontic treatment. Retainers can also be used to make slight adjustments to prior treatment, ensuring a uniform dentition. 

Phase One Orthodontics - This is an early interceptive treatment for patients who still have primary teeth yet require expansion, retainers or partial braces to better position problematic permanent teeth. This early treatment is used to simplify Phase 2 orthodontic treatment once all of the adult teeth have emerged. Most Phase 1 treatment periods average a year in length, depending on the situation.

Phase Two Orthodontics - Once a patient has had all of their adult teeth, Phase 2 braces are fixed to complete necessary positioning. Treatment time will vary depending on the severity of the bite’s condition.

Dental and Orthodontic Treatment in Larchmont

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