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Approximately 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth — and about 36 million have no natural teeth, having lost them to decay, disease, or trauma. Living with missing teeth takes a dramatic toll on your confidence, and it can significantly increase your risk of other oral health problems, too. At Comprehensive Dental Group, our team offers “teeth in a day” to help patients in Larchmont, New York, replace multiple missing teeth in just one visit using state-of-the-art implant technology. To learn how teeth in a day can help you, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Teeth In A Day Q & A

What is “teeth in a day”?

Traditional dentures typically take two appointments: One for the initial fitting and a second appointment to receive your dentures once they come back from the dental lab. The second appointment is often weeks later — and for the interim, you’ll undoubtedly miss those teeth.

With teeth in a day, our team uses state-of-the-art dental implants combined with a custom denture to replace several teeth, or an entire row of teeth, in just one visit. This means that you can start enjoying your “new teeth” right away, without waiting for your restorations to be completed at an off-site lab.

What can I expect during my “teeth in a day” appointment?

Before your implant appointment, you’ll meet with our team to have your bite evaluated through a visual exam and diagnostic imaging. This first step lets your dentist map out your treatment and determines the best placement for your implant posts. Then, your dentist creates impressions using digital technology to make your dentures ahead of your implant appointment.

When your dentures are ready, you’ll come back to the office for implant placement. Local anesthetic and sedation are available to keep you relaxed and comfortable. After placing the implants, your dentist “snaps” the denture in place and adjusts it for a comfortable fit. 

Once your anesthetic wears off, you can expect to be a little sore. The team provides you with complete care instructions to help you stay comfortable and optimize your recovery experience.

How long does it take to get used to my new teeth?

One of the benefits of “teeth in a day” is that you can begin adjusting to your new smile right away. Because implant-supported dentures are “attached” to your jaw via implant posts, the secure fit means most patients enjoy a faster adjustment period than traditional dentures that merely sit on the gums, especially when speaking with the dentures in place.

For eating, adjustment can take a little longer, and initially, you might want to stick with soft foods while the area around the implant posts is healing. Again, the secure fit will help you bite and chew with confidence.

“Teeth in a day” represent a major improvement over the traditional denture experience. If you’re ready to find a beautiful solution to your missing teeth, call Comprehensive Dental group or book an appointment online to learn if “teeth in a day” could be the solution you’re looking for.