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Removable Orthodontics Specialist

Comprehensive Dental Group

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Everybody knows that orthodontics can dramatically improve the way your smile looks, but not everyone wants to wear traditional braces. At Comprehensive Dental Group, our team offers ClearCorrect® removable braces as an alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces for teens and adults at our Larchmont, New York, practice. Removable orthodontics uses a series of aligners to reposition your teeth during treatment. But unlike metal braces, they do not adhere to the surfaces of your teeth. To find out more about ClearCorrect treatment and how it could improve your smile, schedule an appointment with our team online or over the phone today.

Removable Orthodontics Q & A

How do removable orthodontics work?

Often referred to as clear aligners, removable orthodontics work in much the same way as traditional metal braces. But while braces use adhesives to attach brackets to your teeth, removable orthodontics use a series of clear “trays” to move your teeth into correct alignment.

ClearCorrect® aligners consist of a very strong plastic material that molds to fit your tooth contours snugly. During treatment, you’ll wear a series of aligners in a specific sequence. 

Each set has a slightly different shape, corresponding with the movements that your teeth need to make. Usually, you’ll wear each set for a few weeks before moving on to the next set in the sequence.

You’ll wear your aligners all day and all night (yes, even while you sleep), taking them out only to eat and to brush and floss your teeth. Many treatments are completed within 12-24 months.

What are the benefits of removable orthodontics?

Removable orthodontics offers plenty of benefits compared to traditional braces:

  • There are no dietary restrictions
  • It’s easier to brush and floss
  • They’re virtually invisible while you’re wearing them
  • They may “work” faster than regular braces
  • You may have fewer office visits during treatment

Despite these benefits, removable orthodontics aren’t always the best choice. Our team will recommend the best orthodontic treatment based on your needs and goals.

Is it OK to use mail-order aligners?

Skipping office visits and opting for at-home “DIY” orthodontics can be tempting. But it can also come with a lot of unexpected problems.

A question to ask yourself is this: Would you do your own fillings? How about a dental implant procedure? Of course not. Orthodontic treatment is just as complex, which is why it’s important to have treatment working one-on-one with an experienced provider.

Remember: Orthodontic treatments don’t simply move the visible parts of your teeth: They move the roots of your teeth, too. In fact, it has to move the roots in order for you to maintain those beautiful results. 

As the roots move, your jaw bone is continually remodeling itself. Without ongoing, in-person, professional supervision, that remodeling can go awry, leaving you with serious problems that require additional treatments to correct.

Orthodontics can dramatically improve the way your smile looks, and they could even improve your oral health, decreasing the risks of cavities, uneven tooth wear, and even chronic jaw pain. To learn more about ClearCorrect removable orthodontics, call the office or book an appointment online today.