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 Stronger and more effective than traditional dentures, overdentures are teeth replacement solutions that work in conjunction with dental implants to replace one or more of your missing teeth. Because they are sturdier than traditional dentures, overdentures make it easier to speak and eat, and they eliminate the potential embarrassment of your dentures becoming dislodged or slip in public. 

When you choose overdentures, you also don’t have to purchase or use adhesive, which results in cost, time, and inconvenience savings. Overdentures are comfortable as they don’t rest on your gums, but instead are fixed to an abutment attached to the dental implant. 

Durability and Stability

Fixed overdentures are attached to dental implants which have fused to the bone creating a permanent anchor. The implants act alone and dentures will never rest on your gums, eliminating the potential for sores as with traditional dentures. Fixed overdentures are more stable and patients will not have to learn to talk and eat with them in as there is no movement once they are snapped or screwed in place.

Overdentures that snap into place are to be removed each night for cleaning as traditional dentures, but are easily snapped back into place the next morning for continued benefits. For fixed implant supported dentures, the plates are screwed to the implant and the dentist can remove them during a professional cleaning.

Long-Term Benefits

Not only are overdentures more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than traditional dentures, they also offer long-term benefits. If you keep your overdentures clean and your mouth healthy with frequent brushing and visits to the dentist, your overdentures can last for decades. Should they crack or sustain other damage, however, they can be repaired or replaced with relative simplicity. For this reason, overdentures are great long-term solutions, and choosing overdentures can give you peace of mind.

Overdentures are strong, durable and long-lasting, with both aesthetic and functional benefits. If you’re looking for a simple, durable replacement option, contact us at our Larchmont dental practice to schedule an appointment to find out more about overdentures today. You’ll be smiling brighter and more often tomorrow if you do!


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